Hammer is an extremely versatile resource planning software, which takes care of your business’ main daily processes management
Screenshot of a monitor displaying Hammer


Hammer is versatile and easy to use system. With Hammer your most important business processes are handled easily. Here you can find more information about Hammer main features.

Timeline-based time- and resource management

Timeline based booking –view displays general view of the resource usage. At one glance it is easy to discern general picture of daily or weekly situation and it is easy find space for new bookings. Resources can be viewed in desired groups and thus large amount of resources can be easily managed. Timeline can be zoomed, expanded or contracted and viewed in different timescales. Colour coded resources and bookings helps to get a general picture of the resource usage. Hammer users are sharing the same booking view in real time. Because of this all changes in scheduling are visible to all Hammer users all the time. Users don’t have to even open the booking. Placing mouse pointer over booking presents a tooltip that includes summary of the booking.
Screenshot of a monitor displaying Hammer

Fast and easy resource booking & scheduling

Resource booking is fast and easy. When customer information is once fed in to system, addresses, contact persons and projects can be easily selected from list. Bookings can be copied or moved from one day to another or repeated with desired patterns. For example weekly meeting every Friday from 9 to 10 can be booked in Hammer even for next years with single mouse click. Different booking types (draft, booked, reported, not in use, private, confidential) are helping to get general picture and enable also booking personal private or confidential group projects to Hammer. Many resources can be booked to same booking and automatic booking SMS and E-mail reminder can be sent to participants.

Reporting of used hours & materials

When the work is done it can be reported directly for invoicing from booking window. Hours and materials used for each resource can be reported separately. When all users have reported booking it changes to reported-status and it can be invoiced instantly.

SMS- & e-mail-integration

Notification about new booking can be sent automatically to selected users as an e-mail or an SMS-message. This ensures that user is aware of new booking even if he is not connected to Hammer at the moment. Hammer also supports sending free form SMS-messages and e-mails. With Hammer you don’t have to write SMS messages with tiny mobile phone keys. You can do it straight from Hammer.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management is integrated straight to Hammer. When you create new bookings you can also create customer address, project and contact information which is going straight to Hammer CRM. In Hammer CRM you can refine this information forward. In Hammer you can track project status, check projects bookings, define project deadlines create new activities, manage customer contacts, check customer invoice, report, offer and quotation status and manage customer and project based pricelists.

Project management

In Hammer CRM / project- panel the user can manage projects in various ways. All bookings for a specific project are presented in the project window where it is easy to check how a project is proceeding. Project window is also calculating the difference between booked and reported booking time. The user can set a project an estimated starting and ending point and track how this timetable is achieved. Project also includes overall project and invoicing status. Project contacts, project based pricelists and notes. In the project window user can also view separated invoices status.
Screenshot of a monitor displaying Hammer

Invoicing & reporting

Hammer invoicing & reporting contains several functionalities. Reported bookings can be read directly to the hammer invoicing or reporting section and easily create different kinds of documents from that data. These financial documents are saved to the Hammer database and their status can be traced. In the Hammer Invoicing & Reporting section you van also create Offers and Quotations. All financial documents can be exported or automatically sent via e-mail from Hammer in various common document types such as: (Rtf, PDF, word, excel). Invoicing & reporting like all other sections in Hammer can be shared with desired group of users. Thus for example all workers in a financial administration or accounting company are up to date on how invoicing is progressing. A desired accounting company can manage your invoice sending or payment checking in real time for you.

Shared server-based usage

Hammer works in client / server basis. This enables multi-user, real-time usage of different Hammer sections without any limits in user access amounts or user locations. Using Hammer is not bound in specific location, computer or network. You can use Hammer in any IP-based network all around the world. Connection between client and server is SLL-secured with the same technology that internet bank services are using. Each user account is protected with a personal username and password.
Screenshot of a monitor displaying Hammer

Hammer web-client

Using Hammer is not limited to PC-based computers where Hammer is installed. With Hammer web-client you can use main hammer booking & reporting features with all common web browsers regardless of your computer’s operating system. There is no need for any additional installation, you just navigate to the Hammer web-client address and start using Hammer.


Hammer setup-section enables tailoring Hammer suitable for various types and sizes of companies. With setup you can manage Hammer users, resources, materials, user privileges, licenses, pricelists and many other features making Hammer suitable for your needs.