Are you interested about Hammer? Try it one month for free and find out if it is suitable for your company’s needs.


Hammer is available either as a hosted ASP-service and regular program. When using Hammer as ASP-service Hammer is used directly from our server. If you are interested to try Hammer you have tree possibilities:

1.) General Hammer demo

This is general Hammer demo-database, where we have done users and resources. Here you can try all Hammer features quickly in a general way. You don’t have access to administrative Hammer setups, but you can try all other Hammer functionality. In order to try this version you need a PC-computer with Windows (NT, 2000 or XP) and Microsoft .NET 1.1 runtime, must be installed before installing Hammer.

2.) Hammer web-client

Hammer web-client is restricted and simplified HTML-version of Hammer. With web-client you can only use basic Hammer booking and reporting-functions. Hammer web-client does not require any installations. You can use it straight from your web browser regardless of your operating system.

3.) Tailored Hammer demo with your own resources

If you have tried the Hammer general demo and Hammer web-client and you are interested to test Hammer in your working environment we can tailor Hammer demo database with you company’s own resources and materials. This requires closer inspection of your company needs. We can do this by phone or your company premises or in Craneworks premises in Helsinki. Give as a call and let’s see what suits you best. If you want to keep using Hammer as ASP-service after the 1 month testing period it is possible without any extra installations.

Contacts us for tailored Hammer demo